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The Butterfly Garden


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"Fans of the TV show "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" will adore this novel! Sara came across to me as almost a mirror image of Dr. Quinn. She is strong when need be (stubborn), stands up for those in need (sharp tongued), and has so much love to give everyone. She also must deal with the Amish ordnung (rules) which makes everything near impossible. I found myself cheering her on to victory.  The author, Annette Blair, has a real writing talent. She inserts tiny things that the reader does not immediately notice, but makes the reader come to care for the characters as if they were kin. You may need tissues nearby at some points of the story. Another award winner that I cannot recommend highly enough."  Detra Fitch, HUNTRESS REVIEWS 

"Annette Blair writes a wonderfully insightful Amish historical romance ... Fans who appreciate a deep look at a different lifestyle will enjoy THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN & JACOB'S RETURN for their deep look at the Amish ..."  Harriet Klausner

"Those of you who are fans of Annette Blair or Amish romances will be thrilled with her newest book!  It seems like forever since Blair’s first Amish romance JACOB'S RETURN was on the shelves. Her second ... set in Ohio this time, is every bit as good as her first.  I found myself transported ..."  Shelby, ARR

"Sensual and thematic tension, heartache, and Annette Blair's fine writing and wit combine in equal measure to make "The Butterfly Garden" a unique, romantic, and thoroughly pleasing novel. It's a keeper."  Michelle Buonfiglio, Romance: B(u)Y the Book, wnbc entertainment

"A love story as memorable as the characters who share it... richly detailed...warm, witty, touching. A top-notch read. A gifted writer. Debbie Jett, RRAH


"Read Jacob's Return yesterday. I truly think this story is in the same category for me as Jane Eyre." R. Mwangi, NJ

Jacob's Return

(Thee, I Love, revised, repackaged, re-titled)


The Story     Excerpt


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A prodigal son, a forbidden love, and a fanatical preacher form a deadly combination in a tale as shocking as it is compelling, as uplifting as it is unforgettable. An award winning story of love and faith in impossible circumstances.

"Annette Blair has crafted a story that will long linger in the minds of her readers. Every page seems to overflow with some form of strong emotion, I find it impossible to articulate my true feelings. My emotions are in a state of turmoil. Yes, the ending is happy, joyous. But I read this entire story in one sitting, and I currently feel as though the author grabbed each emotion from within me and wrung it dry. I laughed. I cried. My heart ached. I despaired that a happy ending could ever come to be. I bit my nails (something I do have not done since I was a child) down to nubs. Right this second, I can say that I am extremely happy and emotionally exhausted. Annette Blair has a phenomenal writing talent. Readers will find themselves instantly transported to another time and place, where they will meet and come to know the most amazing people. Be prepared for a wide variety of emotions to collide within yourself as you read this inspiring, story. Brilliant!" 2011 Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"An entertaining tale of redemption as the Amish society provides a strong backdrop to the tale of two rival brothers and the good woman between them. The story line is character driven with each key player having faults and flaws that make them seem real. Readers will enjoy this late nineteenth century Amish family drama..." 2011 Harriett Klausner,The Best Reviews, Genre Go Round,

“Enthralled with the people and story, I couldn't put it down. I carried it with me everywhere, until I finished every golden word. Annette Blair shines and is a major talent. JACOB'S RETURN should be read by anyone who believes in the enduring qualities of love and family, and then it should be made into a movie. It is beautifully written, poignant, and drew me in as no other book has done in a long time. Annette, thank you for filling my days and my heart with your story.”  1999 Bea Sheftel for Author Chat,, RomCom, Recommended For A Reviewer’s Choice Award

“JACOB'S RETURN pulled me into another world, making me part of the community, making me love and care about its members, making me rejoice and making me cry. The Amish community Annette Blair describes is a wonderful place with a strong spirit and sense of family. There is a wealth of color and detail in her delineation of the culture and daily life of the community. It is a moving, powerful story and displays a major new talent. I recommend it wholeheartedly.” 1999 Lily Martin, Romance Communications, Recommended For A Reviewer’s Choice Award  

“A spectacular plot. JACOB'S RETURN places Annette Blair high among gifted writers.” 1999 Jeanne Wallace, Rendezvous


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